New Instagram: Introduces Cyberpsychological Contexts Of Our Growing AI World

New Instagram account 

My new Instagram, @CyberMediaPsych, seeks to expand the general public's understanding of cyberpsychology, technology ethics, and more, through real world and educational content. 

The account's focus debuts at a time when societal interest and urgent concerns about our immersing and expanding relationships with cybertechnologies — and AIs in particular — is growing at tremendous scale.

Topics shared on @CyberMediaPsych include 👇🏽

Join me 

Let's connect at @CyberMediaPsych to explore important conversations together.

Please also consider sharing with this Insta community with others who may be interested in learning more about critical technoculture and technology ethics-focused topics relevant to most all individuals and societies far and wide.

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Mayra Ruiz-McPherson, PhD(c), MA, MFA
Advancing Humanity In An AI-Enabled & Media-Laden World
Cyber/Media Psychologist (dissertation in progress)

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