Exploring AI Ethics: A 90-Minute Deep Dive Session (With a Cyberpsychology Emphasis)

Beyond mentorship

After successfully mentoring the All Tech Is Human pod from June-December last year, I sought to keep sharing the information forward and chose to start with my own immediate back yard.

By working with the Loudoun County's Public Library's events program folks, I was able to organize a content-rich, educational event focused on AI Ethics, which took place last night at the Brambleton branch in Ashburn, Virginia (home to the US's Data Alley).

Cyberpsychological focus

Unlike many AI Ethics discussions, panels, or events out there that focus heavily on safeguards and regulation, my own AI Ethics session has a strong cyberpsychological emphasis. 

Thus, my own content focus spanned a range of topics as they relate to AI Ethics, including:
  • Mechanized "Superintelligence" vs organic human intelligence
  • The marketing of AI and technology
  • Extractivist impacts of large language models (LLM) and AI developments
  • Transhumanism: Life and death in the expanding age of AI
  • The Mining of the Human Brain: Trends and Implications
and more.


The feedback from both attendees and the library programming coordinator underscores just how essential this type of AI Ethics outreach is towards advancing our AI literacy and ethical understandings above and beyond what everyday people glean from limited sound bites sourced from the news media.

Good morning, Mayra. I can’t stop thinking about your presentation last night! Thank you so much for sharing your unique insight on the topic. I would love to bring more programs on this subject to our branches so please don’t hesitate to reach out with more ideas and perhaps we can repeat the ethics program at Rust Library and even Cascades in a few months so that we can reach the other parts of our county. We might want to figure out a way to bring this topic to Science on Tap as well.


Thanks for all you do.




Programming Coordinator

Next steps

At the time of this writing, I'm considering launching a targeted webinar series on AI Ethics (with cyberpsychological emphasis); but I won't be able to do much more with this until after my Spring 2024 term.

Questions? Want more info?

Stay tuned or drop me an email:


Until next time,

Mayra Ruiz-McPherson, PhD(c), MA, MFA
Advancing Humanity In An AI-Enabled & Media-Laden World
Cyber/Media Psychologist (dissertation in progress)

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