Cyberpsychologist & Humane Technologist

Mayra Ruiz-McPherson, MA, MFA

(Media Psychology PhD in progress)

Wherever human performance and well-being is ethically enhanced by computing machines is where I seek to be.

Hi 👋🏽, my name is Mayra and I'm a media and cyber psychologist passionate about:

1) creating humane interactions and benevolent choice architectures for users

2) fostering positive media experiences, protecting human autonomy, and deepening media literacy for audiences and populations

and ...

3) designing ethical and facilitated experiences to improve processes and outcomes wherever humans and machines collaborate.

Why I advocate for cyberpsychological and media literacy 🙏🏽

  • Humans will continue to further enmesh their daily lives across the gamut of cybertechnologies.
    That means people like me are increasingly committed to ensuring that human-centeredness and well-being remain at the essential forefront of cybertechnological innovations and progresses.

  • Immersive media experiences, like those derived from virtual reality (VR), successive AI, and the pending metaverse, will continue shaping and shifting societies, democracies, and global populations.
    In such a world, humanity needs all the support and protection she can get as mediated experiences (and persuasive technologies) influence and impact human flourishing in varying (and even unforeseen) degrees.

  • Given the above contexts, interaction designs across cybertechnological interfaces will need to more than usable and useful. 
    Humane technologists with benevolent interaction design experience are needed to ensure system designs combine aesthetic elements and communicative qualities with psychological and ethical factors.

And perhaps, most importantly:

  • The enigmatic complexity of who we are as abstract human beings, with our many layers of subjective valuations, cannot simply be boiled down into binary ones and zeros, no matter how much Big Tech advocates claim and try.
    In other words, our vibrant and emotional species, and our unique, individual histories and contexts need preservation and cultivation in an algorithmically-dominant world that insists we can be "copied-and-pasted" into reductively-convenient and modular digital formats.

"Luminous Beings Are We, Not This Crude Matter.”


Nope, I'm not averse to algorithms, AI, or technology. Just the opposite: I love technology and recognize its long history as an instrumental and collaborative part of everyday human life spanning centuries.

But for as much as I enjoy and respect technology, and appreciate its positive derivatives, I love humanity even more. As a media and cyberpsychologist, I'm all about improving and expanding our meaningful relationships with technology in relevant, psychologically-sound, and ethical ways that preserve (and promote) our humanity at their very core.

Want to work with me? Ask me to contribute? Invite me? Or whatever else?