About Me

My name is Mayra Ruiz-McPherson, PhD(c), MA, MFA and I'm:

— a cyber/media psychologist;
— an AI researcher;
— and a qualitative futurist.

I'm also:

— a media scholar;
— a technology ethicist;
— a social scientist;
— a digital anthropologist; 
— and a doctoral student (ABD) PhD(c).

A few things to know about me:

— I'm an avid scholar and critical thinker.
— I'm a polymath with many interests. 
— I'm a bibliophile with multiple books always in hand.
— I enjoy learning **AND** passing on what I've learned.

Before all this cyberpsychology stuff, my previous career spanned nearly 30 years across these domains:

— marketing technology & digital strategy
— content strategy & brand design
— product design & creative direction

As of 2024, I'm:

— working on my doctoral dissertation
— mentoring and speaking about a range of AI ethics topics
— launching a nonprofit dedicated to AI literacy & AI ethics

My doctoral & research work focus:

— affective computing across humanoids and other AI robotics;
— social media research;
— human-machine relationships;
— human-interaction design;
— digital policy & technology ethics;
— and other technology-mediated characteristics of our digital lives.

Research domains of interest:

— impact of AI-enabled and/or cyber-mediated technologies on human well being;
— consumer behavior in the context of brands, advertising, and marketing technologies;
— shifting societal trends within our digital-pervasive and expanding AI culture.

Opportunities that call my attention:

— (AI) research/ethics
— tech policy and governance
— human-computer interaction (HCI)
— affective computing
— marketing science
— teaching at the university level


Please email me at cyberpsychologist@ruizmcpherson.com.

Mayra Ruiz-McPherson, PhD(c), MA, MFA
Advancing Humanity In An AI-Enabled & Media-Laden World
Cyber/Media Psychologist (dissertation in progress)

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