About Me

My name is Mayra Ruiz-McPherson, PhD(c), MA, MFA.

Primarily, I'm a cyber/media psychologist ... but titles merely scrape the multidisciplinary and professional surface of who else I am and what more I do, which includes:

— technologist & media scholar
— researcher & ethicist
— cognitive & social scientist
— digital anthropologist
— behavior, advertising & product designer
— visual artist (MFA) & creative writer
— doctoral student (ABD) PhD(c)

My passions are wide and my interests are many but that's because I'm:

— endlessly curious,
— an incurable polymath, 
— and an avid bookworm.

In short, I enjoy learning **AND**, more importantly, passing on what I've learned to help others grow and further their own professional development.

But I digress.

So then ... 

After three rewarding decades in my first career, my professional attentions have now shifted towards the arena of human-computer interactions, collaborations, and partnerships.

In preparation, I completed:

— an MA in Media Psychology in 2019, 
— an MFA in 2022, 
— and now, I'm at the academic tail end (ABD) of my PhD (in Media Psychology as well).

The goal at the start of my academic journey was, and still is today, to facilitate and nurture human-centeredness across human-computer touch points — especially given the rapidly evolving contexts of our AI-enabled world.

Presently, I'm a doctoral researcher focused on:
  • affective computing across humanoids and other AI robotics;
  • social media research;
  • human-computer interaction design;
  • and other technology-mediated aspects impacting human performance.

My research work:
  • studies impact of AI-enabled & cyber-mediated technologies on human autonomy and well being;
  • explores consumer behavior in the context o brands, advertising, and marketing technologies;
  • and examines societal trends amidst today's pervasively digital and expanding AI culture.

At this time, I'm pursuing opportunities in:

__ (AI) research/ethics, 
__ tech policy and governance, 
__ human-computer interaction (HCI),
__ affective computing,
__ marketing science,
__ and education.

But I'm also open to most any opportunity* that will allow me to make meaningful contributions, at scale, towards expanding human performance and flourishing across vital technology touch-points.

(* Opportunities include coaching, teaching, consulting, paid speaking/writing opportunities, and more.) 

__ Please email me at cyberpsychologist@ruizmcpherson.com.

Mayra Ruiz-McPherson, PhD(c), MA, MFA
Advancing Humanity In An AI-Enabled & Media-Saturated World
Cyber/Media Psychologist (dissertation in progress)
Qualitative Futurist • Cognitive/Behavioral Scientist • Researcher
☎️ 703.798.2619 (text msg preferred)