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New Instagram Introduces & Expands Cyberpsychological Contexts Amidst Our Growing AI World

This brand new Instagram account, @CyberMediaPsych , seeks to expand the general public's understanding of cyberpsychology and AI ethics. The timing for this educational and resourceful content debuts at a time where societal interest and urgent concerns about our immersing and expanding relationships with digital/cybertechnologies — and AIs in particular — is growing at tremendous scale. Topics shared on  @CyberMediaPsych  include  👇🏽 AI ethics-related news & trends for reflection and contemplation Human psychology-focused contexts in relation to our technological usage & advances AI-enabled humanoids & robotics Inspirational quotes & content Generative AI art, tools & tips Media psychology trends & insights Original commentary Sorting and interpreting the daily deluge of news and developments in this active arena is challenging to keep up with or most anyone and not always the easiest material to digest by the everyday person.  Thus, my goal in launch

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